Download Iran Map for Navitel

Order Navitel Navigator + Iran GPS Map in Farsi (Persian) for Android
Iran GPS Map for Android in Farsi (Persian)

Navitel Navigator for Windows Mobile (English)
Install from PDA(R, CAB, 45 MB
Install from ActiveSync (R, EXE, 26 MB

Navitel Navigator Symbian (English)
Navitel Navigator for Symbian (R, SIS, 22 МB

Navitel Navigator Android
Navitel Navigator for Android (R, APK, 98 MB full
Navitel Navigator for Android (R, APK, 43 MB for WXGA/xlarge
Navitel Navigator for Android (R, APK, 65 MB for WVGA800/large
Navitel Navigator for Android (R, APK, 68 MB for WQVGA400, HVGA, WVGA/normal
Navitel Navigator for Android (R, APK, 22 MB for QVGA, VGA/small
* If you received the file “”, when downloading, just switch file extension to “.apk”

Android Installation manual

Navitel Navigator 5 for iPhone/iPad (English)
Download from AppStore Navitel Navigator 5 for iPhone
Voice packages
In English Clare WAV ZIP, 1.4 MB


Documentation (English)
User Guide for Navitel Navigator 5
User Guide for Navitel Navigator 3


Navitel Navigator for Symbian (English)
1-Download the installation file Navitel Navigator for Symbian OS
2- Transfer the installation file on to SD memory card
3- Insert the SD memory card into your device

4- At the device, open content and memory card (Menu > Applications > File Manager > Memory Card)

5- Select the file (download file in step 1) and press Options > View
6- The display shows a warning about installing Navitel Navigator. Click “OK”;
7- Then you will be asked to choose the place of installation: “The internal memory device” or “Memory Card”.
If you wish to install Navitel Navigator on the internal memory, make sure that the amount of free memory is 15 MB;
8- Wait for the installation process;
9-Connect to the Internet (GPRS, Wi – Fi or any other, convenient for you);
10-Start Navitel Navigator device. Press “Menu” -> “Applications” -> “Navitel Navigator”;
11- In the login window, select “Automatic Registration” and enter the license key for your copy of the program

To purchase a Valid license key go to or MemNav Online Shop

Activate Your License

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